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Quality Childcare Initiative Grant: Nurture with Nature

Nurture with Nature is already a fun name but throw the brilliance of owner Dawn Langer behind it and you’ll find something amazing.  We are sitting on well-finished stumps fashioned into tiny chairs.  I’m beginning to understand how flexible caregivers are, as I go between facilities for these interviews.  There’s a display case right beside […]

Quality Childcare Initiative Grant: Sprouts Childcare

It’s a bright day.  My windows are down and I’m enjoying the breeze in my hair as I head out to Sprouts Childcare.  The owners, recipients of the Quality Childcare Initiative Grant for 2017-2019, have agreed to speak with me about some of the drastic improvements the grant allowed them to make.  Out in West […]


Standing in Maryland Community Church at almost 8:00 AM on July 26th, the gym is buzzing with people laughing, talking, and exclaiming how amazing breakfast is. It’s Serve the Valley.  Brought together through United Way of the Wabash Valley and Terre Haute Ministries, Serve the Valley is a two-day event where people all over the […]

12 Points Revitalization

You may have heard of Serve the Valley, or you may have not.  You may have known that every year hundreds of Wabash Valley residents take time out of their lives to give back to our community and make an impact, or you may have not.  You may have even known that volunteering, giving back, […]


I’m standing in Maryland Community Church at a little after 7:30.  It’s July 26th, the first day for United Way of the Wabash Valley’s Serve the Valley.  I, for one, am not a morning person; secondly, I’m a writer.  Physical labor is not something I generally look forward to.  As I look around the room, […]


When you need volunteers, who you gonna call? United Way! Serve the Valley is all about making a community impact, but that impact can take a lot of different forms.  Volunteers find themselves all across the Valley doing many different things.  Some of our volunteers this year helped out at local Humane Societies with cleaning, […]

United Way is Tiffany Cherry: Part Two

Who is United Way?  United Way of the Wabash Valley is Tiffany Cherry.  Tiffany is patience incarnate and kindness that is hard to find.  She’s an active seeker of what is best for children.  She is what gives the phrase “it takes a village” a good name. She’s worked hard for United Child Care.  The […]

United Way is Tiffany Cherry: Part One

Who is United Way?  I’ve introduced you to several people in our community.  I hope you’ve learned that these people who are out and about in our community who are trying to make it a better place are just people.  They are your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers, your church family, and your kid’s friend’s […]

United Way is Abby Desboro: Part Two

Who is United Way?  Obviously, its Abby Desboro.  She knows the neighbor’s cow and is passionate about the community.  Finding common ground in the community, she even helped give volunteering a new face. Serve the Valley made its first appearance last year, 2018, replacing the Day of Service that has been in place for the […]

United Way is Abby Desboro: Part One

Who is United Way?  Well, it seems to me United Way is a lot of fun and caring people who have come together to make a difference in our community.  Most of these people have paired their jobs with their ability to bring something new and useful to the United Way.  They use their skills […]

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