How we invest

How we invest

Advancing the common good is less about helping one person at a time and more about changing systems to help all of us.  We all win when a child succeeds in school, when all families are financially stable, when people are healthy.

Investment Process

The organizations we invest in help real people — which is why real people just like you determine where the donations go.

The United Way of the Wabash Valley is in the process of transitioning from an agency program funder to a collective impact, social change, organization.  In the coming months we will be developing a simplified version of how this process will work.  But for now we have our processes laid out in an Investment Strategies and Partnership Requirements Manual which is included below.

Please check back for more information on how we plan to invest in our community soon.

Investment Strategies and Partnership Requirements Manual

Investing in Lasting Change

We maximize every cent that donors entrust with us by directing it toward the critical programs that focus on keeping kids in school, attaining financial security, and accessing quality health care.

Your gift to the Community Impact Fund stays in our local community. Last year your support has helped us invest in 54 exceptional programs and services.