At United Way of the Wabash Valley, we know that each person brings unique passion and interest to the support of our work.  We would like to take you on an adventure where YOU choose the impact you want to make!  Scroll down to check out our focus areas and start your adventure.

At each step of the way, you can “Dig Deeper” into those areas that interest you.  Once you find your passion, you can choose to invest where it matters most to you—from volunteering, to investing in an impact council or their initiatives, to supporting safety net services—just follow your instinct and follow your heart.

Have fun! Dig deep! And let us know how your adventure turns out!

This Fund allows our community to invest in the greatest needs in the Fight Against Poverty. This is the most powerful option for investing in your community because it brings together the power of problem solvers, difference makers, and opportunity creators to invest in what matters most.  An investment into this fund is used to support all of the below focus areas.

“Dig Deeper” to find out how we invest resources from the Community Impact Fund.

Perhaps your passion is in a more specific area?
Travel on and, take a look at our focus areas below.

Do you believe education is the key to raising households from ALICE? Follow this path to understand the economic impact of early childhood education, or see how student supports throughout school can change the face of our community.

If you think the best pathway to beat generational poverty is to help families understand how to save more of what they earn and to provide them the tools and training that lead to better paying jobs, then your adventure should continue here.

Many believe that you can’t address poverty until you increase healthy living in our community!  If that’s how you roll, then you’ll want to explore solutions to lessen our drug crisis and address mental and physical health barriers.  This is the path for you.

Is your passion aligned with growing the very fabric of our community?  Dig in to this adventure if you believe in the power of stronger neighborhoods and growing a strong volunteer movement.

If your heart is with those in need of the most basic emergency assistance like food, shelter or clothing, then your adventure should take you to support safety net services in the Wabash Valley.

Not everyone’s greatest treasure is a financial donation.  If you have a desire to make your impact by donating your time and talent, then this pathway might open the door to hundreds of possible opportunities to give back to our community.

Can’t decide which path is right for you?

If all of these areas ring true to you, we recommend the Community Impact Fund.  Let our passionate and engaged volunteers determine how to best invest the available resources.  Or if you wish to donate directly to a United Way Community Partner check out the list here and select Donate Now from the top of the page.