“Better health leads to better lives. When we are healthy, the world opens up to us – we are able to enjoy our lives, provide for our families, realize our dreams, and contribute to our communities.”

The Challenge

Good health influences everything from how well a child is able to learn in the classroom to how much an adult is able to earn in the workplace. Its effects truly last a lifetime.

No single issue resulted in more discussion during our community conversations than drug abuse and the related community impact. Both opioid and meth addiction run high and show lasting impacts on parents and children negatively affecting community safety and our local economy. Additionally, local health data and statistics continue to paint a negative overall picture of health in the Wabash Valley.

Why it Matters

Good health is a cornerstone to succeeding in school, being financially stable, and maintaining independence. The health of individuals is a strong indicator of the health of a community. Achieving and maintaining good health is important during all stages of life. United Way partners with agencies to improve the health of our community through fostering wellness, treating addictions, and supporting mental health.

What We Are Doing

We are creating two impact councils in order to create well-rounded approaches to improving addiction services, mental health care, preventative care, and general access to healthcare.

Whether it is a teen struggling with addiction, a father without insurance in need of dental work, or a survivor of abuse seeking a safer environment; United Way is working to improve the quality of life for all.

Impact Councils

Promote & support effective evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery programs and initiatives to reduce the impact of substance use in our communities.

Promote healthy lifestyles, improve access to preventative and behavioral health services.

For a Healthier Community

Invest in our community's health by donating to the United Way. Your donation will allow us to invest in the best initiatives and programs that will address the pressing health issues facing our community.

Invest in Health