"Every child deserves the best possible future, and a quality education is the foundation for success in all areas of life."

The Challenge

Education and school readiness should never be dictated by zip code.  All children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential and become the next leaders in our community, but too many children, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods, are struggling to make it to high school graduation.

Giving kids the skills to succeed in school sets them up for lifelong success and lays a foundation that will span generations to come. Education is change that lasts!

Why it Matters

Education is the foundation of individual and community success.  Children who receive a quality early education are ready for kindergarten are more likely to stay on track and graduate from high school.   Teens who finish high school are more likely to stay out of trouble, be better prepared for the workforce to order to add to our local economy, and pursue higher education, laying the foundation for a stronger, healthier Wabash Valley.  

What We Are Doing

We will be creating two impact councils in order to help children start school ready to learn and successfully advance through school.  United Way is working with schools, parents, and organizations to ensure that every child has a chance for success in school, work, and life by investing in programs that produce results.

We’re laying a foundation for a brighter future for all, starting with our very youngest.  Kids are our best investment for our future, creating long-lasting change for generations to come.

We all win when a child succeeds in school.

Impact Councils

Early childhood education support and programs.
Currently Forming Council

Success in school through graduation with support and programs.

The Graduation Impact Council is not currently formed, but is in the planning stages.  We will only be able to move forward on our plan when resources grow and money is available to fund these initiatives.

For a brighter future

Success By 6® is a United Way of the Wabash Valley initiative designed to provide every child with the opportunity to develop basic reading skills so that they may enter kindergarten ready to learn. It is essential that our community recognizes that learning begins at birth and the foundations for learning are established during the developmental years of birth to 6.

Success By 6