"The Wabash Valley is a beautiful place to call home, but for some it is a struggle."

The Challenge

Improving the look of our community was identified as an area of need throughout our community conversations. Our neighbors feel a general sense of apathy, due in large part to the aesthetics of some of our neighborhoods, and this leads to worries about crime. We also heard that there was a lack of unity in our community and improving the overall morale was a concern.

Why it Matters

People want to live in a place they are proud to call home.  With security concerns and a sense of apathy there could be a hesitancy to better oneself or their family.  This sense of fear and distrust can hinder the whole community from coming together.

What We Are Doing

We will be creating a focus impact council based on building overall community pride by strengthening neighborhoods and increase volunteerism by hosting a community volunteer website.

Impact Council

Reduce crime and drugs, while addressing blight and improving civic engagement.

Improve civic engagement with community volunteerism.  Volunteer today at Volunteer Wabash Valley. 

These impact councils are not currently formed, but are in the planning stages.  We will only be able to move forward on our plan when resources grow and money is available to fund these initiatives.