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Outdoor Renovations at Hungarian Hall

A longstanding community gathering space has seen some much-needed repairs with support from the United Way of the Wabash Valley’s Strong Neighborhoods Council. Hungarian Hall has been able to repair some of the brick work and coping on the outside façade of the building. The building, which was built in the 1920s was originally made […]

Juvenile Justice Center Mentoring: Hamilton Center

The Substance Use Disorder Council awarded a grant to the Hamilton Center to create a Vigo County Juvenile Justice Center Mentoring Program. The program is structured as a one-hour long group sessions and provides mentor based follow up after a juvenile leaves the center. The mentor sessions focus on real-life issues, communication, and critical thinking […]

Peer Recovery Specialists Guide the Path to Recovery

As part of the Substance Use Disorder Council’s focus on well-rounded approaches to supporting prevention, treatment, and recovery solutions, the council developed a grant to bring Peer Recovery Specialist training to our community. Next Step Foundation was awarded the grant in 2020 and began the training. These specialists are used to aid in substance use […]

“The Way Forward” Helps Students Achieve Success

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, educators and caretakers alike noticed that children were struggling, falling behind, and needed help. From this need, Merom Methodist Church developed “The Way Forward” a tutoring program that provided one-on-one sessions. The Merom Church utilized their funding from the United Way Youth Success Engagement Grant to hire 5 tutors to […]

Something’s Cooking at Brazil United Methodist Church

Supported by United Way’s Safety Net Council, Brazil United Methodist Church operates Pantry Blessings, a food pantry service, as well as a hot meal service called Something’s Cooking. When COVID first hit, the pantry began seeing an increase in families picking up food. They went from giving groceries twice a month to every week because […]

Pace Provides Meals for Families in Need

At all times, but especially during the difficult times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, food insecurity is a real issue for many individuals. In Sullivan county, Pace utilized their relief funds to address this need. By partnering with local restaurants Acorn Grill and Petty’s Pit Stop, they implemented a Family Meals Program. Families were […]

YMCA Teaches Financial Skills to Last a Lifetime

As part of the United Way of the Wabash Valley’s mission, we want people to achieve financial stability. The Financial Management Council provided funding to programs teaching literacy tools. One of the programs funded is the YMCA Financial Skills Development Course in Vigo and Clay counties. The course was taught by certified Dave Ramsey Financial […]

Quality Childcare Initiative Grant: CRADLES

The day is hot, and I’m dying from having driven from work to the Brazil CRADLES site because my car doesn’t have air conditioning.  I ring the doorbell of the childcare side of First Baptist Church.  I’m immediately greeted with a smile from Mary Yelton who has been expecting me, and all of that hot […]

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