Thank you for volunteering with your organization’s United Way of the Wabash Valley workplace drive. Your work encouraging coworkers to create a stronger, healthier community by planning, coordinating and implementing an effective United Way workplace drive is appreciated. Your enthusiasm and hard work raising resources make a tremendous difference in people’s lives in the Wabash Valley. Below are tools that can help!

Our online tools and resources are designed to get you started and provide everything you need to run a successful and fun workplace drive. We have a variety of brochures about our work and initiatives and ways to get involved as well as materials for effective workplace resource drives.

What We Do

Resource Drives are not just about fundraising. The most important thing we can provide a potential donor is a great explanation of what United Way does and why it’s important for our community.  Donors want to make an impact with their investment, these tools help explain how they can do that.  Download these documents, brochures and flyers and send them out to your employees to help them learn more about our work.

Video Links

Use these short videos as part of a Kick-off event for a workplace resource drive, or send out a link and let employees view them on their own time.  Both videos are a great way to better understand United Way of the Wabash Valley and our bold goal for the community.

How to Run a Resource Drive

Want to help, but don’t know where to start? Start with our ECC Guide and follow the checklist.  You can use the templates and samples here to save time in producing eye-catching communications during the resource drive.  Please contact the United Way office for hard copies of materials for your Resource Drive.


Download and paste these United Way logos into your own communications.