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Financial Stability is one of United Way of the Wabash Valley’s Five Focus Areas that will drive our bold goal to move 10,000 families out of financial struggles and into stability.

We agree that helping people build up their job skills and assisting them in managing their income will slowly break the cycle of generational poverty that grips our community.  We’re happy you’ve chosen this path on your adventure because we need your help!

Our United Way of the Wabash Valley is forming two Impact Councils filled with local passion and expertise.  These are great community members who think like you.  Check out the Impact Council options below to learn more, or invest in an Impact Council and give these volunteers the resources they need to implement smart solutions!

We can see you favor financial literacy as a pathway out of poverty.  You believe case management, coaching, and mentoring to improve money managing skills is key in reducing our ALICE population.

A better workforce is key to supporting current business and bringing new employers to the community.  You’ve arrived here because you know improved job skills are the key to helping individuals and our economy.

Financial Management Council Investment Opportunities

The United Way of the Wabash Valley Financial Management Impact Council is focusing on increasing financial management skills throughout the community by expanding tools, mentoring, and programs that meet individuals and families “where they are.”

Their strategies include:

  • Building financial literacy through community programs and workplace partnerships
  • Increasing “financial mentorships” through coordinated community partnerships
  • Increase income-building opportunities via reduced housing costs

We’re hopeful donors like you will help us raise the funds invest in smart solutions for our community.  If you’d like to be part of this council, please contact Mark Johnson at our United Way office.


Find the currently funded initiatives by this Impact Council. Check it out, and then, if you choose, make your impact by investing in this impact council.

Financial Skills Development Grant

According to the Federal Reserve, nearly 40% of Americans do not have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency.

This grant focused on expanding financial literacy training, coaching, and/or mentoring in the Wabash Valley. The United Way is awarded grants to three organizations for a one-year program.  They were able to help over 100 families gain valuable financial literacy skills!

Financial Skills for Teens

This grant focuses on supporting organizations working to expand financial literacy education for students in grades 9-12. The programs will be tailored to teaching young people to earn, save, and spend money responsibly.  This grant will be awarded in the spring of 2022.

Job Skills Council Investment Opportunities

The United Way of the Wabash Valley Job Skills Impact Council is currently forming and developing its strategies. This council has an objective to identify and promote continued education and skill development in the Wabash Valley.

Their initiatives could include:

  • Build business partnerships for increased access to GED prep and support
  • Parenting support programs for GED and job-skill building
  • Low-income job skill development programs
  • “Pathways-to-work” program initiatives

If the impact you most want to make is in job skills development, a donation to the Job Skills Council will be dedicated to the very first initiatives developed by this council.

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