“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.”

While we know that many in our community are struggling to make ends meet, we also know that in order to break that cycle people must be informed about how to handle their finances.  This can start with our youth in teaching them the value of money and how to manage it to educating a seasoned workforce about how to financially prepare for the future.

What we do

Our Financial Management Impact Council delivers income management tools, mentoring, and programs for the entire community by meeting families “where they are.”

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Impact Council:

Our Financial Management Impact Council, a multi-sector volunteer committee of nonprofit, government, education, and business leaders who are experts in and/or are passionate about supporting financial stability in our community.  They want to see that throughout the Wabash Valley, households of all income levels have access to and can utilize the tools and assistance opportunities to allow them to build their financial stability.

The impact council is creating initiatives and investing in our community to bring successful results to their agreed-upon specific outcome targets in support of the overall United Way community goal.

Objective: Increase financial management skills throughout the community by expanding tools, mentoring and programs that meet individuals and families “where they are.”


Expand Financial Management Programming Settings & Deliveries

Youth Education on Basic Budget Skills

Reduce “Financial Crisis Event” Impact on Struggling Families

Expand communication of and access to Financial Management Skill-Building Resources and Mentors


Number of individuals completing financial mentoring programs

Credit score improvement

Debt / savings improvement

Financial Management Impact Council Solutions

Financial Skills Development Grant

The Financial Management Impact Council has announced the recipients of its first grant, the Financial Skills Development Award. This grant focuses on expanding financial literacy training, coaching, and/or mentoring in the Wabash Valley. The United Way is awarding over $99,000 to three organizations for a one-year program. The awarded programs include:


Purdue Extension, Vermillion County – The project will utilize the Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit to train 100 community partners in the region to help them become mentors for economically vulnerable people. This program will then have its newly trained mentors reach at least twenty individuals, training them in financial management and success. There will also be several single-session workshops for those interested in learning.

Reach Services, Inc. – Reach Services in partnership with Regions Bank and their Next Step financial training program will be providing financial classes for low to moderate-income individuals who struggle with financial challenges living from paycheck to paycheck or struggling to live with their limited resources. Reach will also offer guest speakers providing a series of basic financial classes to teach and give power to struggling families in our community.

YMCAs of the Wabash Valley – The YMCA will use the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University curriculum to help individuals and families learn and adopt proven methods for achieving financial freedom. The YMCA will offer a minimum of three 10 week courses and help a minimum of 60 people through this program.

Financial Management Impact Council Members - Development Team

Composed of volunteers who are passionate and/or experts in the field of financial management and financial education.  They are responsible for developing ideas to make progress towards their agreed upon measurements.

Jennifer Jones – Co-Chair
Sackrider & Co.

Ashley Wadsworth – Co-Chair
Vigo County Public Library

Gordon Afdahl
Retired – Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Katrina Babb
Indiana State University

Carole Barr

Rhett Beaumont
Lummus Technology

Mike Collins
Northwestern Mutual

Cindy DeHart
Vigo County School Corp.

Summer Long
The Hometown Savings Bank

Pam Malone
Ivy Tech

Brian Mimms
Fifth Third Bank

Erica Myers
Indiana State University

Gregg Neumann

Brock Oxford
Spyglass Investments Management

Seth Passfield
The Hometown Savings Bank

Jon Scherle
First Financial Bank

Brett Taylor
Vigo County School Corp.

Financial Management Impact Council Members - Resource Team

Composed of volunteers who provide financial oversight for the resources entrusted to the impact council.

Leslie Ellis
TH City Controller – Chair

Laura Griffin
Terre Haute Savings Bank

Pamela Malone
Ivy Tech Community College

Emily Murray
Council on Domestic Abuse

Roxann Scott
First Farmers Bank & Trust

Rob Stevens

Jason Trainer
Indiana State University

Invest in Financial Management

Invest in helping others understand the importance of financial literacy in our community by donating to the United Way. Your donation will be invested by this council into the best programs and initiatives to help promote stable finances for our community.

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