It’s in our mission to create lasting change in the lives of the Wabash Valley.  As a community partner, you’re a central partner of United Way in working for community change.

A strong community has a system of quality organizations that are available to help people.

United Way provides ongoing, program funding and grant opportunities to over 35 community partners throughout the year.  


To ensure quality, organizations funded by United Way and through partner programs are required to report on activities and outcomes on a regular basis.

The reporting process creates accountability to donors and the community, provides data and information for evaluation and benchmarking, and facilitates knowledge sharing.

Utilizing the Impact Council approach United Way volunteers work hard to ensure that donations are carefully and thoughtfully put to good use to help the most people.  

These councils are multi-sector volunteer-led committees that will bring together subject matter experts, people who are passionate about the issue, people whose lives are affected by the issue, business leaders, and other organizations working to affect each area.

Impact Councils develop a variety of funding opportunities that work towards their specific goal and the broad community goal of moving 10,000 families out of financial struggles and into stability.  Check out our funding opportunity page to stay up to date on ways your organization can get involved.