November 08 2021 0comment

Kid Kare Project Makes a Difference in the Lives of Children

Kid Kare Project Inc. is committed to making a difference in the lives of children. United Way supports Kid Kare Project through the Safety Net Council, which focuses on providing the basic necessities of life. Kid Kare Project is a valued partner of the United Way who believes children should be free to grow, learn, and play without the burden of worrying about meeting their own basic needs.

Because of United Way of the  Valley’s support, Kid Kare has been able to stock food pantry shelves in Vigo, Parke, and Vermillion counties serving 1700 individuals. In addition to the food pantry, their support to Kid Kare Project has also provided basic need items such as hygiene products, school supplies, shoes, underwear, diapers, laundry detergent, and household cleaning supplies.

A mother who recently found the courage to enter substance abuse rehab wrote, “This summer I was able to make it to the in-house store [supply closet] and get some extra clothing items. I got swimsuits for the baby and even some shirts for my teenage son as these items are hard for me to afford and we were in need. He was very surprised! It really helped add relief, surprise, gratitude, and happiness to my children when they otherwise wouldn’t have had any. It really just makes our hearts believe really great things when otherwise we would have really been empty. It touched our family as it validated my children adding a sense of worth and love reminding them they are special and people do care, filling their days with loving memories reminding them there are still good people out there willing to help. I’m really amazed and thankful for this program’s compassion and overwhelming support.”

The mother successfully completed rehab and remains clean and sober, and she has been so motivated by the generosity shown to her and her family that she wants to help others in the future.  This is just one of the many families Kid Kare has been able to support.