Leadership Giving

Leadership Giving

Those who did more and made today a little better.

Webster’s Dictionary describes Vanguard as “the forefront of an action or movement.” Members of The Vanguard Leadership Giving Program are individuals truly dedicated to shaping our corner of the world today and tomorrow.  Vanguards are donors who contribute $1,000 or more to United Way each year.

We come from different backgrounds and do different things, but we come together as one for the community. Choose the United Way leadership giving group that’s right for you.

Vanguard Leadership Giving Society

United Way of the Wabash Valley recognizes those individuals who give $1,000 or more annually as Vanguard Leadership Givers. The generosity of all donors, including Leadership Givers, creates opportunities for a better life for all of us in the Wabash Valley.

Foundation: $1,000

Cornerstone: $2,500

Pillar: $5,000

Keystone: $7,500

Tocqueville Society $10,000

Tocqueville Pillar: $25,000

Emerging Leadership Giving Society

Emerging Leaders represent the next generation of business and community leaders giving back to the Wabash Valley. With an annual gift of $500 or more, Emerging Leadership gifts create a solid foundation for all of the work in our community, and inspires others to stand together and make a difference.

Community Lead Investor: $750

Community Investor: $500

2022 Vanguard and Leadership Donors

Tocqueville Pillar

Tocqueville Society

Gregory and Amy Gibson

Richard and Kymberli Payonk

Dan and Barbara Weber

Mark and Dawn Williamson

Vanguard Keystone

Vanguard Pillar

Jameel Ahmed and Christine Buckley

Dennis and Valorie Callahan

Rob and Tammy Coons

Steve and Lori Danielson

Susan Decker and Vicki Kosowsky

Bert and Patty Williams

Vanguard Cornerstone

Ron and Gloria Artigue
Rhett and Jennifer Beaumont
Paul and Nancy Edgerton
Steve and Kathy Fleshner
Steven and Mary Holman

Kristi Howe
Cary and Norma Laxer
John and Karen Lukens
Brian and Dorothy Mimms

Nancy Payonk
David Rader and Concetta DePaolo
Erik and Casey Schroeppel
Dr. William and Mrs. Nancy Shriner
Christian and Alia Shuck

John R. Adkins
Gordon and Linda Afdahl
Dr. Hans Andreasen
Margie Anshutz
Lucas and April Barnes
Tamara Boland
Brenda Bonine
Chantel Booth
Daniel and Cheri Bradley
Curt and Linda Brighton
Melvin L. and Kathryn Burks
Ellie Caldwell
Seth Carter
Caroline Carvill
Michael and Dorothy Chambers
Michael and Debbie Collins
Bart and Debra Colwell
Kristin Craig
Jeff and Sondra Cress
Jeff and Gil Crews
John and Lea Anne Crooks
Robin Crumrin
Kyle and Holly Curtsinger
Barry and Joanne Davignon
Dave and Abby Desboro
Robert and Mary Doti
Brian and Karen Dyer
Kimberly Elliott
Jim Exline
Mary Fazekas
Daniel Gmelich
Bill and Peggy Grimes

Pete and Donna Gustafson
Jane A. Hadley
Brandon Halleck
Mars and Susan Harlan
Pamela Hawker
Tim and Gail Hayes
Erik and Melinda Hayes
Chris and Amanda Hogue
Wendy Horsley
Don and Genine Ireland
Wes and Danielle Isbell
Jamie and Jennifer Jones
Alan J. Kassis
Wayne and Dottie King
Dr. and Mrs. Roland Kohr
Mark and Joyce Krock
Terry Lagrange
John E. Lang
Broc and Rachel Leslie
Eddie Lilako
Norman and Britt Lowery
Pamela Malone
Kim J. Marlow
Kelly Marshall
Randy McKean
Craig and Diann McKee
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Constance McLaren
Monica McNabb
Laney Meis
Gary Morris
Dr. Michael J. and Mrs. Patricia A. Murphy
Santhana and Amy Naidu

John and Karen Perry
Kenneth and Diana Pierce
John Plasse
Shep and Mary Poland
Stephanie and Ross Poland
Josh and Susan Powers
Bob and Mary Beth Prox
Hicham and Priya Rahmouni
Leah Ramer
Brennan and Beth Randolph
Don Richardson and Martha Crossen
B.J. and Mary Riley
Don and Nancy Rogers
John Royse
Gregory Runyon
Trudy and Jim Rupska
Mara, Jace, Zada and Kira Russell
Gary and Judy Schomer
Dana Simons
Ryan Smith
Sid and Rebecca Stamm
Jeff K. Stockton
Stephanie Strohl
Kevin and Kathy Sutterer
Charlie and Kim Welker
Lindsay Wilson
John and Lori A. Wilson
Steve and Joy Witt
Jamie Woodruff
Chris and Gary Young
Josh Zuerner
5 Anonymous

Denise Collins
Kelsey and Alicia Elston
David Gedde
Laurie Hill
Connie Hire
Ted and Sarah Kissinger

Jessica A. Livingston and Michael Vastola
Summer Long
Emma Jean Neal
David and Rachael Peabody
Tabitha Perelle

Heather Rayl
Chris and Erma Reynolds
Marc Summerville
Brad and Mary Thompson
David and Leticia Wright

Craig and Leah Allman
Scott Anthony
Nick Bagley
Gary and Victoria Barrett
Traver Bays
Melinda Belles
Tiffany Bennett
Dale Bicknell
Kerry L. Biddle
John Black
Noah Brewster
Gerald W. Brian
Janet Brosmer
Elizabeth Brown and Andreas Kummerow
David L. Brown
Tammie Brown
Jeanna A. Bumgardner
James D. Campbell
Keith and Kirtina Carter
Robert Casad
Jason Casad
Jerome and Lori Case
John C. Chaney
Bruce Chapman
Derick Chilfton
Daniel Cleveland
Eric Cloe
Aaron Conner
Kolton Cornwell
Jeff Cox
Harry Cuffle
Marsha Cummins
Robert and Lori Davingnon
William Deal
Andrew and Angela Decker
Samuel L. Deters
Nicholas and Hannah Donatucci
James and Nancy Dowell
June Dunbar
Ross DuVall
Cristy Emrick
Amy Ennen
William Epp
Kristina Ervin
Greg and Lori Essig
Mitchell Estep
Colette Etherington
Tiffani Ewing
Ryan and Ashley Falconbury
Allison Fazekas
Tiffani Fields
David Flinn
Nolan Flinn
Gary Fortune
Paul H. Foster
Lori Fox
Edward Funk
Lori Fuqua
Michael D. Gallagher
Thomas Gilbert
Zara Gilbertson
Brett R. Glendening
Joshua Goff
Keary Guin

Michelle L. Gutish
James and Valerie Hair
Jenny Hanley
David and Karen Harding
Lynn Hare
Jennifer Harrah
TJ and Cindy Hart
James Hayes
Colin Heap
Todd and Michelle Hein
Lisa Hendrickson
Mark Hiatt
Benjamin Higgins
Margaret Hill
Beth Hock
Anthony Holmes
Blake Howell
Chris Hudson
Edward Huey
Xavier Humes
Gloria E. Jackson
Paula Jeffery
Kevin Jerrell
Jason and Kelley Johnson
Bryan K. Johnson
Eric Johnston
Todd Jones
Bill Kasselman
Crystal Keith
Charla Keller
Korbert Kelly
Gavin Kent
James E. King
Jimmy R. King
Josh King
Timothy Kirkman
Duane Klueh
Richard Koenig
Dana Kump
Leigh Landes
Bailey Lawson
Paul Lemoine
Chad Lindsay
William Long
Jamie Lowe
Michael Lynch
Delanie Marshall
Denise Mattas
Paul and Linda Maule
Robin McCallister
Darron McCrary
Jeremiah McCreery
Kyle McCullough
Brent Miller
Christina Minton
Baron Mitchell
Davy Montgomery
Gregg and Jenny Morris
Daniel Morrision
Valentine Muyumba
Michael Myers
Derek Neeley
Jeff and Maria Nickels

James and Meghan Olds
John Osborn
Jim Owen
Anthony Payton
Chuck Pearman
Don and Kristi Penn
Krissie Pickering
Christopher Pierce
Shawn Pohlman
Amy Powell
Stuart Powell
Jeffrey Redman
Fred Regan
Frank and Julie Rice
Colby Roach
Thomas Roberts
Christina Roshel
Lee Schaefferkoetter
Chris Schellenberg
Jonathan and Natalie Scherle
Jay Schinkel
Julie Schlosser
Brian Schutter
Russell Sedam
James M. Sharp
Christopher Sharp
Debra Skelton
Douglas Smith
Ann Smith
Lashawn Smith
David Smith
Tracy Smith
William Smithson
Lisa Stein
Shawn Stephens
John and Torey Stevenson
Maya Stewart
Connie L. Swalls
Clint and Amanda Swift
Daniel C. Swift
Michael Thomas
Carol Thompson
Gail Thompson
Carson Thrasher
Jennifer Tickle
William Treash
April Turner
Logan and Lisa Van Reed
Jayne Virostko
Cory Ware
Margaret Mary Welch
Justin Welling
Jason and Lauren Whitfield
Luthea Wilson
Jesse Wilson
Teresa Wilson
Jim Winning
Kelley Woods-Johnson
Joe Wright
Eric Wright
Wesley Wymer
Debra Yeargin
3 Anonymous