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United Way’s Strong Neighborhoods Council Awards Over $40,000 in Neighborhood Improvement Mini-Grants to the Community

Terre Haute, IN – The United Way of the Wabash Valley’s Strong Neighborhoods Council is awarding $40,000 in funding for Neighborhood Improvement Project mini-grants across the community.  This is the fourth round of this community investment for the council whose goal is to create a positive impact for struggling families in the Wabash Valley by investing in programs and initiatives that provide our community with safe, vibrant, and inclusive neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood Improvement Project mini-grant program focuses on projects intended to enhance the “look and feel” of a neighborhood by addressing public safety, beautification projects, blight elimination, and/or government-service improvements or a combination of any of these categories.  The Council is awarding 8 projects across the Wabash Valley with awards of $5,000. The projects address various areas and needs including creating neighborhood gathering areas, addressing safety concerns, and investing in neighborhood beautification.  Award winners include:

  • Mary’s Village Community Welcome Project (West Terre Haute, IN) – Beautification – Help jumpstart the larger needs for beatification, removal of overgrown shrubbery, fixing dilapidated fences, and litter removal.
  • Eugene Township Community Center (Eugene, IN) –Community Center – The Center will consist of a community room and park. Repair of peeling paint, poor lighting, empty rooms, and addition of kitchenette. A playground will also be added.
  • Standard Opera House Community Center, Phase 1 (Perrysville, IN) – Community Center – Repair and replace windows to seal the building from the weather. This will start the beginning of reconstruction.
  • Sensory Garden Sunshade (Terre Haute, IN) – Sunshade – Installation of a permanent shade port structure in Hoosier Prairie’s existing sensory garden. Open to the public. Allows for students to use the garden during hot summers.
  • Cultivating Community along the Old National Road (West Terre Haute, IN) – Beautification – The overall project supports 19 flower beds, in which a community member/organization can sponsor. The grant supports the winter, spring, and summer updates to the flowerbeds such as bulbs, plants, and mulch as well as seasonal décor.
  • Dawson Pond Revitalization Project (Town of Shelburn, IN) – Beautification/Revitalization – The neglected pond for over 15 years will get trash cleaned out, and stocked with fish and electricity installed so lighting can be added.
  • Sugar Creek Resource Center Ramp Project (Bloomingdale, IN) – Ramp Installation – Installation of a ramp leading into the food pantry. Helps for wheelchairs, walks, crutches, as well as wagons full of items.
  • Disc Golf Course at Craig Park (Brazil, IN) –Disc Golf Installation– Installing 9 new disc golf baskets, 18 concrete slabs, and signage for the new 18-hole disc golf course at Craig Park.

Carey LaBella, co-chair of the United Way’s Strong Neighborhood Council stated that “The Strong Neighborhood Council is happy to announce a fourth round of mini-grant winners. We love to see creative ideas and see neighbors come together to improve their surroundings. The impact these projects have on a neighborhood is visible and it’s catching on! When someone sees a great idea come to life then they might want to see what they can do to make our community a better place to work and live. Thank you to the applicants in this round for investing in their community and working with the United Way of the Wabash Valley’s Strong Neighborhood Council to see it through. We hope your ideas inspire new projects.”

Michele Bennett, Community Impact Specialist at United Way stated “The United Way of the Wabash Valley Strong Neighborhoods Impact Council seeks to impact our community by investing in programs and initiatives that provide our community with safe, vibrant, and inclusive neighborhoods. UWWV Strong Neighborhoods Impact Council believes families living in thriving neighborhoods will have greater financial stability, and that resident engagement is crucial to neighborhood growth and stability. Neighborhoods grow stronger when we discover and build upon their unique strengths.”

Another co-chair of United Way’s Strong Neighborhoods Impact Council stated “It has been awesome to receive so many requests and diverse ideas for mini-grants from all across the Wabash Valley. These are great opportunities and improvements for us who live here. I am already excited for the next round!”

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