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Sullivan, Indiana – Our Father’s Arms is a local food pantry in Sullivan, Indiana. During the March 31st tornado their original building was so severely damaged it had to be demolished. During the rebuilding process, the United Way of the Wabash Valley was able to assist to help the pantry build back even better than before with the aid of a $20,000 grant to purchase a new 48” commercial-grade cooler.

Don Ransford, the Our Father’s Arms President, and his team constructed a homemade cooling system in the old building. Ransford stated, “Before we had to make a homemade cooler with a window air conditioner, cooling it down to 34 degrees, with a makeshift door just barely wide enough to fit a palette through. We are just so grateful for this opportunity.”

With the aid of the United Way grant, Our Father’s Arms will now have a 48” commercial-grade cooler. The new building will be more efficient, hold a wider variety of items, and be able to serve more of the community. They will be able to easily offer many more food items including eggs, milk, fresh fruit, veggies, and more. In addition, this grant will help Our Father’s Arms be able to rebuild debt free. During their time of rebuilding, Our Father’s Arms has been keeping in contact with local food pantries and continues to share news of food drives, and donation events.

Abby Desboro, United Way of the Wabash Valley Co-Executive Director stated, “After the devastation that occurred from the tornado in Sullivan we were able to mobilize resources to help a cornerstone organization build back better than before. We know the road to recovery will be long, but helping to provide to Our Father’s Arms is an investment for years to come as they will continue to provide needed support to the Sullivan community.”

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