February 02 2018 0comment

United Way Introduces Volunteer Wabash Valley

Volunteering your valuable time is one of the most impactful ways you can get involved in our community.  And the United Way of the Wabash Valley is working to make that experience easier for everyone.  Local non-profits and organizations are entering the digital age and are working to increase community engagement by participating in the new website “Volunteer Wabash Valley.”

The website works to bridge the gap between organizations with needs and volunteers in our community that are looking to lend a hand.  By creating a venue that both allows individuals to see the many ways they can make a difference and agencies to promote their needs, United Way of the Wabash Valley has increased the potential for volunteerism and involvement in the community.

Volunteer Wabash Valley will help nonprofits become more connected to our wider community. “Sometimes the resources agencies need are already here in our neighborhood, but communication is the missing piece,” said Joanna Benskin, Adult Services Assistant at the Vigo County Public Library.  “Volunteer Wabash Valley will help with that by connecting volunteers to the agencies who need their service. We’re excited to use the site and invite our neighbors to be part of the Vigo County Public Library’s work!”

Richard Payonk, Executive Director of the United Way of the Wabash Valley explained, “Volunteerism and community engagement is a vital piece of the Strategic Plan that we unveiled last week.  In order to work towards a bold goal of moving 10,000 families out of financial struggles it will take a great deal of organizations working together and help from many volunteers in the community.  Volunteer Wabash Valley was an opportunity to begin the process of engaging more members of our community to get involved and give back to all the great organizations in our area.”

Over the past few months nonprofits, charities, and organizations in the area began posting their volunteer opportunities, events, and other needs online in hopes of increasing the potential for community members to get involved.  Opportunities currently listed include a wide range of activities from fostering animals with the Parke Vermillion Human Society, chalkboard art at the Vigo County Public Library, to helping with Sports and Games at Happiness Bag.  Users can go to uwwv.org/volunteer to find the link to a list of needs and learn more about all the great organizations in our community.

Volunteer Wabash Valley will do more than just create matches among the service community and private citizens; it will also help to build lasting relationships.  Volunteer Wabash Valley is also FREE and open to any organization to sign up and list their needs and offers the organizations a lot of functional tools to track and retain volunteers.  For more information or help on getting your organization listed please contact Abby Desboro at [email protected] or 812-235-6287.