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Reading to your child helps to stimulate their brain development.  For more information visit


Downloads for Childcare Providers:

School of You Handout

Read Aloud From Birth Handout

Child Poster

Caterpillar Poster



If you need any of these items printed out please contact the United Way office at 812-235-6287 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and we can provide the needed materials.



Mobile Market

mobile-market1Terre Haute area residents have a new way to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables as the Wabash Valley Mobile Market (WVMM) now makes weekly stops in designated locations.  Our intent is to make an impact on obesity and other diet-related chronic conditions in the community by approaching it through a healthy eating plan.  Customers served in the first fully operational year of service (beginning October 1, 2013) will hopefully indicate a 50 percent increase in their daily consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables than before the WVMM was available to them.  The WVMM will increase the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables to customers by reducing the distance to fresh produce by 75 percent.

A pickup truck pulls an 18-foot trailer to each location. Patrons can step through the back door and work their way to the front and check out. Prices are very competitive.

The mobile market is funded in part by a grant obtained through the Indiana Association of United Ways along with area sponsors. Major sponsors are Union Hospital, the Vigo County Health Department, Regional Hospital, Indiana State University, Clabber Girl, Westminster Village and the Wabash Valley Community Foundation.


When and Where?

The Mobile Market stops weekly at several locations. These locations are where individuals and families find it challenging to maintain healthy eating habits due to lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables. To find out exactly when and where the Mobile Market will be, check out the schedule above our sponsors (to the right of this article).


What is the Wabash Valley Mobile Market?

A traveling produce market that brings fresh fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods in and around Terre Haute.

The Wabash Valley Mobile Market provides people, especially in low income neighborhoods, access to fresh and healthy food.  Through a designated mobile grocery store route, community residents enter a portable trailer filled with such goods and make purchases.


Why should I shop at the Mobile Market?

The Market will come to your neighborhood so you can reduce the time and cost of transportation to grocery stores and allow you to eat more healthy food.


What can I buy?

You can buy an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables at costs that typically will be lower than most grocery stores.


How can I help?

You can volunteer or donate directly to the Wabash Valley Mobile Market. Contact the United Way to find out how - (812) 235-6287.


How will I pay?

We will accept cash, credit/debit cards and food stamps (EBT/SNAP cards).


Success By 6

uw_sb6As parents, grandparents or child care providers, you have the awesome opportunity to help our children "learn how to learn” and develop a lifelong love of learning!

When an infant shows excitement over pictures next to his or her crib, or a toddler turns a page in a board book, or a preschooler recognizes the first letter on a store sign, each is demonstrating early learning skills. 




From preschoolers to high school students, United Way of the Wabash Valley is working to ensure that the next generation is equipped with the skills to succeed in school and in life.

Our work is designed to intervene early to prevent the kinds of problems that cause children to fail and to provide the resources necessary to encourage our youth to remain productive and engaged.

We are working to maximize early learning so our children enter kindergarten prepared for school and we are working to make sure more of our youth graduate from high school well-prepared for their future.

Preparing Children to Succeed

We all win when our children stay in school, graduate, find work and build lives. When our children aren’t prepared and supported they drop out, lack the skills to keep a good, steady job, and many turn to substance abuse or crime. Everyone in and around their community pays a hefty price as a result.



From access to health care, nutrition and fitness, to preparing and responding to disasters and emergencies, United Way of the Wabash Valley and its partners are targeting health issues that not only affect individuals, but our entire community.

Unfortunately, too many of our neighbors lack access to basic health care - in particular preventive care which can reduce the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes or diagnose problems early and intervene to prevent costly complications from conditions such as high blood pressure.

With health care costs outpacing inflation and growth in wages and with many Wabash Valley Hoosiers living without health insurance, even a minor health crisis can lead families to financial ruin. 

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