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What is Community Impact and why is United Way the leader in this movement?

Panel-7-Youth-RecCommunity Impact is a philosophy premised upon improving lives by mobilizing communities to create lasting changes in community conditions.

This is done by achieving measurable results through strategies that focus on community systems and resources - and by focusing on funding programs that improve outcomes in three select impact areas:  EDUCATION, COMMUNITY BASICS AND HEALTH.

United Way has put a bold stake in the ground by committing to working on improving outcomes for our community related to EDUCATION, COMMUNITY BASICS AND HEALTH.  The community has  chosen these focus areas because of the barriers that currently exist and our ability to make a difference.

Community Impact is:

  • Identifying, addressing and solving specific issues in the area of Education, Income and Health that no single donor, charity or government agency can handle alone.
  • Bringing key partners to the table to problem solve with a community-wide focus, not just single issues.
  • About improving the lives of all people affected by our community's priority issues, not just those served by individual programs.
  • Beginning to bring the community together to focus on these pressing issues to achieve measurable results.
  • Being an organization that focuses on the root causes of local issues and seeks lasting solutions.

United Way has transformed the way it operates in response to a changing environment.  Our promise to our donors is to improve lives, strengthen communities and produce bottom line results!


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